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Give TTL Properties LLC a call. We are one of the area’s most active homebuyers. We will work around your timeline and goals when it comes to buying your home or property. We will purchase your home or property in its as-is condition. All you will need to do is sell and walk away. We will work hard to ensure that the process of buying your home is straightforward, fast, and efficient. We understand the paperwork involved in real estate transactions and we will do our best to keep things as simple as possible.

What We Will Do

We will make you a fair and honest offer to buy your home or property by any means suitable to establish a win/win situation. We will eliminate the most common problems and stress involved when it comes to selling a home or property the traditional way. We will provide the right solution and help you quickly get the money you deserve and the time you need to move on.

We help homeowners avoid the costly mistakes and misconceptions that most home sellers make when they look to sell their home or property fast. We are not Real Estate Agents or Brokers; therefore, we won’t list your home or property on the market for sale and wait for a buyer to come along, we are the Buyer. We will buy your home or property NOW! If your home or property meets our criteria then, we will make you a fair and honest offer to purchase your home or property. If you accept, then, we will move quickly to get the money in your pocket as soon as possible.

We look to create a win/win situation by weighing in on both sides of the deal. We do our best to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of what is most important on both sides of the table.

We try to be optimistic; therefore, we take the time to rethink and talk about the reality of making bad and unrealistic decisions. We strive to make sure things are made clear and justified during negotiations on both sides. In other words, if the deal doesn’t make sense to either of us, then we’ll close the book and move on with no hard feelings. We are in business to stay in business, and helping people is our business.

No Repairs, Commissions, Fees, or Costs

We will make you a fair offer or provide a solution to buy your property on your schedule without waiting. Our offer price is your net price or bottom line; in other words, it’s the money you make on the deal. You will not have to worry about deducting commissions, fees, or costs from the offer price or worry about doing any costly repairs or updates. Once you accept our offer, the money is all yours. We will take care of everything else needed to close the deal. You will know your bottom line instantly without going through the wait-and-see process.


Disclaimer: Our company buys homes from individuals looking to sell their property. We also rehab, rent out, and sell properties that we already own. We will not act as real estate agents or brokers if we buy a house, sell a house, or rent a home; we do so by working with individuals directly. If an agent or broker represents an individual, we will be glad to work with them as well. We are focused on improving neighborhoods and redeveloping the areas in which we work. Please contact your local real estate commission if you have additional questions about agencies.

If you would like us to make you a free, fair, honest, and justified offer on your home or property, then before you try anything else, talk to us first. You are under no obligation to see what we have to offer. We are here to help you avoid the traditional and stressful ways of selling your home or property. Click Here to answer a few questions and we will quickly provide you with an honest win/win quote to buy your property.

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